The purpose of our organization is to promote the protection, health, safety and welfare of the public, by the development, maintenance and adoption of local construction licensing laws, including but not limited to testing, insurance requirements and financial responsibility.

Consumer Awareness Regulatory Enforcement
The C.A.R.E. Initiative
The C.A.R.E initiative is a program created by CLOAF to educate, assist and inform the public about contractor licensing requirements, construction contracting and regulatory enforcement of licensed and unlicensed contractors.

Consumer Awareness will be used to educate and inform the public about licensing laws, construction contracts and responsibilities of the owner and the contractor.

Regulatory Enforcement will be used to assist the public in Administrative and criminal infractions in the process of construction.

Consumer Awareness: Education

Educating the public insures that work by unlicensed contractors is kept to a minimum and the fraud that comes from it is, prosecuted quickly and efficiently. Education comes in the form of:

  1. One on one conversation, informing them in person of the consequences of hiring a contractor who is not licensed, either State or Locally.
  2. Through public speaking engagements with local associations or Town hall meetings.
  3. By creating literature that could be handed out or mass mailed to the public.

Regulatory Enforcement: Compliance.

These Government agencies exist for consumer protection and contractor compliance. They are the helping hand when consumers have nowhere to turn. Compliance is:

  1. Bringing substandard Contractors to Regulatory Construction Boards for compliance in Local ordinances and State laws.
  2. Prosecuting unlicensed contractors who defraud the consumer.
  3. Mediate between Contractors and Consumers on construction disagreements.

Government agencies work vigorously to insure that their tax dollars do not go to waste and protect the consumers when licensed and unlicensed do not abide by applicable regulations. CLOAF intends to work with these Government agencies and Contractor associations to help educate the consumer and unknowledgeable contractors. We will also work to strengthen State laws to fight fraud and unlicensed contracting.

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